Department of Arab Studies at the University of Bucharest

The site provides information on the teaching staff, on the activities of the department and its members, as well as news on the symposia and special events organized by the Center of Arab Studies

Department of Arab Studies at “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in Bucharest

The site provides general information for the students and would-be students of the department with useful links to libraries, on-line exhibitions, relevant library catalogues, and web resources.


Nadia Anghelescu, Professor Emeritus at the University of Bucharest

A comprehensive and updated site (in English) including biographical data, fileds of interest, list of publications, book presentations and excerpts.

Irina Vainovski-Mihai’s university webpage

The page, meant mainly for the students of the Department of Arab Studies at “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in Bucharest, contains, besides Irina Vainovski-Mihai’s academic CV and list of publications, course announcements/requirements for her students, reading guides, assignments, texts with vocabulary, etc. (most of the uploaded documents are passworded)


Orientul meu

Under the Romanian title “Orientul meu” [My Orient] and the Arabic one “Alami ash-Sharqi” [My Eastern World], this is a blog in Romanian language related to the culture of the Middle East comprising the owner’s meditations, translated fragments, links to translated books (mainly from Arabic), announcements on university BA and MA admisions in Middle Eastern Studies, and other relevant topics (in Romanian language)